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Download final_monitoring_report_2009.pdfFinal Monitoring Report 2009

National Tobacco Retail Audit – 2009 Monitoring Report

Download otc research report.pdfTobacco Control and the Irish Retail Environment

Research on the implementation of sales to minors legislation and the extent of tobacco point-of-sale advertising.

national Tobacco Retail Audit - 2008 Monitoring Report Download retailaudit_2008monitoringreport.pdfNational Tobacco Retail Audit – 2008 Monitoring Report

Children, Youth and Tobacco Report Download otc youth report nov 2006.pdfChildren, Youth and Tobacco

The protection of young people before they become addicted to tobacco is a key priority of the report of the Tobacco Free Policy Review Group – Towards a Tobacco Free Society. This report, Children, Youth and Tobacco: Behaviour, Perceptions and Public Attitudes, explores a number of issues in relation to tobacco among young people and the population as a whole. The analysis helps us to form a picture of the use of tobacco among young people in Ireland today, and informs us of the attitudes and perceptions of young people and adults with regard to tobacco.

Smokefree Workplaces In Ireland A One Year Review Download 1_year_report_fa.pdfSmoke-Free Workplaces in Ireland; A One-Year Review (375kb)

Enclosed workplaces became smoke-free by law on the 29 March 2004. This report presents a review of the smoke-free legislation in terms of compliance, public support and health benefits which are already accruing. It indicates that both compliance with smoke-free legislation and support for the smoke-free law among smokers and non-smokers is very high.

Smoke-free Policies Download economic report final.pdfSmoke-Free Policies - Market Research and Literature Review on Economic Effects on the Hospitality Sector (1047kb)

The Office commissioned this report to address the concerns raised by the hospitality sector prior to the introduction of the smoke-free legislation. The report presents findings from a national survey of attitudes and opinions as carried out by TNS mrbi. A critical evaluation by two independent economists of published literature on the experiences of other countries that had introduced similar legislation formed the second part of this report. The report was published in February 2004.

Second-hand Smoke : The facts Download final.pdfSecond-hand Smoke: the facts (172kb)

This consumer information leaflet provides a summary of the health effects of second-hand smoke, recent steps taken to protect people in the workplace and advice in relation to protecting vulnerable groups.

Image of twins Download toward a tobacco free society.pdfTowards a Tobacco Free Society (600kb)

Download publications - towards a tobacco free society low res version.pdfSummary - Towards a Tobacco Free Society (311kb)

The Tobacco Free Policy Review Group was set up to carry out a fundamental review of health and tobacco and make recommendations to the Minister for Health and Children. The report was published in March 2000 and subsequently adopted as government policy.

Promoting a Tobacco Free Society Publication Download promoting a tfs final for uicc conf.pdfPromoting a Tobacco Free Society (72kb)

This information leaflet provides an overview of the efforts made to date to combat the tobacco epidemic in Ireland.

Irish Women and Tobacco Download publications - irish women and tobacco low res version.pdfIrish Women and Tobacco (124kb)

The report provides a valuable insight into the differences between genders in their smoking behaviours and attitudes. From a behavioural perspective, cigarettes appeal to both men and women but there are differences in cigarette brand appeal between men and women. Smoking rates for men and women are quite similar, but women are more likely to continue smoking later in life. Peer influence appears to be a strong factor among female smokers. In regard to quitting, female smokers are more influenced by life events and social acceptability issues and are more likely to try to quit than men. However, men are more persistent in their attempts than women and are more likely to succeed. The report was published in August 2003.

Image of chefs Download publications - summary of the report on the health effects of ets.pdfSummary - Report on the Health Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke in the Workplace (761kb)

Download publications - report on health effects of environmental tobbaco smoke in the workplace.pdfReport on the Health Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke in the Workplace (381kb)

In 1986, the US Surgeon General concluded that passive smoking was a cause of disease, including lung cancer, in non-smokers. Since then agreement that environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) / second hand smoke is harmful to health has grown steadily among members of the international scientific community. This report was prepared by an independent scientific working group and commissioned by the Health and Safety Authority and the Office of Tobacco Control to ‘identify and report on the degree of consensus that exists among leading international scientific authorities on the question of the hazard and risk posed by ETS to human health in the workplace’. The report was published in January 2003.

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Smoke-free Workplace Compliance Reports

Smoke-free Workplace Legislation Implementation 9-Month Progress Report Download otc progress report final.pdfSmoke-free Workplace Legislation 1 Year Progress Report (710 kb)

Download compliance report final.pdfSmoke-free Workplace Legislation 9 Month Progress Report (386kb)

Download progress report final.pdfSmoke-free Workplace Legislation 6 Month Progress Report (571kb)

Download smoke-free workplace legislation progress report may 04 final.pdfSmoke-free Workplace Legislation 1 Month Progress Report (367kb)

A series of compliance reports have been compiled and published by the Office of Tobacco Control on the smoke-free workplace provisions of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts, 2002 and 2004, during its first year of implementation. The reports highlight the continuing high levels of compliance with the measure. The one-year report shows 94% of all workplaces inspected under the National Tobacco Control Inspection Programme, co-ordinated by the Office, were smoke-free while 86% of all workplaces were compliant with the requirement for ‘No Smoking’ signage. Further compliance data is included in Smoke free workplaces in Ireland: A one-year review.

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Smoke-free Workplace Guidance Documents

Guidance Logo Download tobacco_products_guidance.pdfGuidance for those selling Tobacco Products

Guidance for those selling Tobacco Products

Licensed Trade Guidelines Graphic Download licensed trade guidelines  final .pdfGuidance for the Irish Licensed Trade (341kb)

Download licensed trade guidelines as gaeilge final.pdfTreoir don Lucht Trádála Ceadúnaithe Éireannach (506kb)

This document provides specific guidance to owners, managers and other persons involved in the licensed trade in Ireland on how to comply with their legal obligations under section 47 of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts. These were distributed to the licensed trade prior to the introduction of the smoke-free legislation.

Employer Guidelines Graphic Download employers guidelines final.pdfGuidance for Employers and Managers (352kb)

Download treoir le haghaidh fostoiri and bainisteoiri  final.pdfTreoir do Fhostóirí agus Bainisteoirí (358kb)

This document provides employers and managers in all workplaces with guidance on how to comply with their legal obligations under section 47 of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts.

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Annual Report

final-report-2010 Download employers guidelines final.pdfFinal Report 2010 (1MB)

Tuarascail Deiridh 2010 (1MB)

Annual Report 2009 Download otc-tuarascáil-bhliantúil-2009.pdfTuarascáil Bhliantúil 2009

Download otc_annual_2009.pdfAnnual Report 2009

Annual Report 2008 Download otcannualreport2008.pdfAnnual Report 2008

Download otcannualreport2008irish.pdfTuarascáil Bhliantúil 2008

Annual report 2007 Download annual_report_2007.pdfAnnual Report 2007

Download tuarascail_bhliantuil_2007.pdfTuarascáil Bhliantúil 2007

Annual Report 2006 Download tuarascáil bhliantúil 2006 lo res.pdfTuarascáil Bhliantúil 2006

Download annual report 2006 lo res.pdfAnnual Report 2006

Annual Report 2005 Download otc ar irish lores.pdfTuarascáil Bhliantúil 2005

Download otc ar english lores.pdfAnnual Report 2005

Annual Report 2004 Download final english.pdfAnnual Report 2004

Download final irish.pdfTuarascáil Bhliantúil 2004

The Annual Report outlines details of the Office’s activities, achievements and financial position for the previous year.

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Signs & Posters

Smoke-free Works Logo Download a3 poster final.pdfSmoke-free Bar Posters (139kb)

Download a3 poster as gaeilge final.pdfFógra Cosc ar Thobac sna Tithe Tábhairne (231kb)

This poster provides guidelines for bar staff and other persons involved in the licensed trade regarding enforcement of the smoke-free workplaces legislation.

No Smoking Icon Download no smoking sign.pdfNo Smoking Sign (27kb)

Download no smoking sign as gaeilge.pdfFogra Cosc ar Thobac (32kb)

Section 46 of the Public Health (Tobacco) Act, 2002 as amended by the Public Health (Tobacco)(Amendment) Act, 2004 requires “No Smoking” signage to be displayed in all defined workplaces. All signs should include the name of the occupier/owner in charge and the name of the person to whom a complaint should be made in the event of non-compliance.

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