Promoting a tobacco free society

Global Views

My visit to Dublin last year to see your ban in action had a huge impact on my thoughts for Scotland. Our own ban on smoking in public places will change the lives of thousands of Scots now and for generations to come. I congratulate Ireland for having the courage to be among the first to take action. You have done it. Scotland can and will follow suit.

Ireland's smoke-free law is a giant leap forward in promoting health and fighting lung cancer. Ireland has shown the world how one small, progressive country can stand up for health against those who seek to place profits over people. As representatives of 280 cancer-fighting organisations in 90 countries, the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) salutes you.'

Ireland, with its pioneering initiative of introducing a country-wide comprehensive smoking ban in all enclosed public places, including restaurants and pubs, sent a very strong message to the world about how seriously the threat of second-hand tobacco smoke has to be taken. WHO commends the government of Ireland for implementing this measure, which is in line with the provisions of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control - today already law for 48 countries. Warmest congratulations on the first anniversary of this initiative, which has set such a good example to follow by other countries. Happy birthday smoke-free Ireland!

Ireland's smoke free law will be responsible for saving thousands of lives, which would otherwise have been lost to wholly avoidable respiratory disease. Your actions have shown the rest of Europe the way forward and we congratulate you on the first anniversary of this groundbreaking legislation.

Based on my experience of 25 years of tobacco control in Europe, I consider the Irish smoke-free law of 2004 to be the law, which without any doubt has had the biggest impact on other European countries.

Congratulations Ireland! You have come such a long way. You are truly an inspiration!

It's fantastic that Ireland has had smoke-free workplaces for a year. Liverpool wants to follow in Ireland's footsteps and protect all employees who are exposed to smoking in their workplace. We have received overwhelming support from smokers and non-smokers in Liverpool and the success of the ban in Ireland gives us confidence that it can work here. We will continue to press parliament for comprehensive smoke-free legislation for Liverpool and across England.

It is with great enthusiasm that I congratulate Ireland on its 1st anniversary. Ireland has shown great leadership in tobacco control not only by becoming the first country in Europe to implement such a comprehensive law, but also, for the high compliance rate after one year. As Sweden is on the eve of implementing its smoke-free law on June 1, 2005, we can look at Ireland as a good example of how a country can take effective measures to protect the health of workers and the public

Congratulations on the anniversary of the smoke-free law. It's been the leadership of the Celtic Public Health Tiger that has brought clean air to millions in the US. Following Ireland's example New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and Massachusetts all went smoke free. Many more states will follow. During the debates in each of these sates it was the Irish example that contributed to passage of the laws. Today, Irish pubs from Boston to Auckland serve great Guinness in a cleaner and healthier environment.

I'm pleased to join all those (I'm sure many) once more, congratulating the Irish for the wise decision one year ago and for implementing the law so well. This has set a golden standard for other European governments, and we are pleased to see already many following your excellent example.

Thank you very much for your courage in Ireland and the great example you propose to the world and especially to the French people with a total smoking ban in public places. Now we can go ahead thanks to your successful experience.

Congratulations Ireland on one year of being successfully smoke-free. The tremendous popularity and support of smoke-free pubs in a country so well known for its fondness of a pint and a laugh at the local watering hole, has helped pave the way for the rest of world to follow your fine example. The Irish can consider themselves true smoke-free trailblazers.

Ireland's success in making all workplaces and public places - including pubs smoke-free shows all of Europe and the rest of the world that protecting people from the thousands of toxic chemicals in second-hand smoke is not only possible, but wildly successful.