Promoting a tobacco free society

Lo-Call Compliance Line

Lo-Call Compliance Line

The Office of Tobacco Control manages a lo-call compliance line, which was set-up in March 2004 to coincide with the introduction of the smoke-free workplace legislation. The number for the line is 1890 333 100.

If members of the public are in a workplace, such as a pub or restaurant, where somebody is smoking, they should first go to the person responsible in that place to register their complaint. If they do not get a satisfactory response there, they can then call the lo-call compliance line to register their complaint/issue.

If you are concerned a retailer is selling cigarettes to children under 18, you may also register a complaint through the lo-call compliance line.

The details complaints will be passed on to the relevant Health Service Executive area or the Health and Safety Authority, whose officers are tasked with enforcing the legislation. All complaints are prioritised by the enforcement agencies and dealt with accordingly.



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