Promoting a tobacco free society

Provision of Product Information

Relevant Legislation

Section 43(5) of the Public Health (Tobacco) Acts, 2002 and 2004, provides that a person registered with the Office of Tobacco Control under Section 37 may provide information to a member of the public intending to purchase a tobacco product in accordance with Regulations.

The Public Health (Tobacco) (Product Information) Regulations 2009, (S.I. No. 123 of 2009) set out the information that retailers may provide to a customer aged 18 years and over who enquires about what tobacco products are available to purchase.

What does this mean for me?

  • Retailers may show to a customer intending to purchase a tobacco product:

    • One packet only of each tobacco product sold or a reproduction thereof


    • A pictorial list consisting of visual images of packets of the tobacco products sold by him or her, provided that:

    • Each such image is not greater in size than the size of the packet concerned;

    • The list does not contain more than one image of the same product;

    • The list or each such image contains one of the mandatory health warnings .

  • Only one image of each brand variant or pack size can be included.

  • Tobacco products or reproductions of tobacco products cannot be on display.

  • A pictorial list to inform customers of the tobacco products sold cannot be left on display.

  • Separate lists for different types of tobacco products and self-service vending machine stock are permitted.

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